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Election of Trustees 2017

The 2017 elections for Minster Centre trustees are now underway and the following candidates are standing for election as trustees. The closing date for nominations was Tuesday 5th December 2017.

  • David Collins
  • Lynn Hanford-Day
  • Malcolm Couldridge
  • Nick Carley
  • Sean Titley

  • Please follow the links for statements about the nominees.

    If you are a member of the Minster Centre, an existing trustee or you have obtained an MA, Advanced Diploma or Diploma in Counselling through the Minster Centre, you are entitled to vote in the election and you should have received emails informing you of the election with the nominees’ CV and supporting statement. If you believe you are entitled to vote but have not received an email please contact Justine Walsh our Operations Manager Justine@minstercentre.org.uk

    The closing date to vote is Tuesday 19th December 2017.

    The Minster Centre Board of Trustees has responsibility for making sure the Minster delivers its charitable objectives and deciding how the charity is run. They take an overview of our strategic direction, finances and operations. The Board meets 4 times a year on Friday evenings. There is also a strategy day, held once per year on a Saturday. Additional work on specialist working groups or committees may also be undertaken, depending on Trustees’ personal interests, experience and availability. Trustees normally serve for a term of three years in the first instance but can stand for re-election up to a maximum of nine years.

    Currently the Board can consist of a minimum of 3 trustees and a maximum of 12. The Board is chaired by Tamar Posner who will be on continuing in that role. We started 2017 with 6 trustees and 4 have since joined as co-opted trustees. The co-opted trustees will stand for election in order to continue. One trustee, Sean Titley, has served one term of three years and is standing for re-election. One trustee, Kea Horvers, who has served as Vice Chair is stepping down and we would like to thank her for her time and commitment.

    If you are interested in serving as a trustee you don’t need to have any particular previous experience but you do need to be interested and committed to seeing The Minster Centre continue to thrive and develop. You can contribute by offering your perspective as a practicing psychotherapist or counsellor or by drawing on your skills and experience from other fields including finance, higher education, the law, PR and marketing, property. We would particularly welcome applications from under-represented groups in the field, including people from ethnic minorities and those with disabilities. It is not necessary to have graduated from The Minster Centre in order to be a Trustee.

    Currently, members of The Minster Centre staff team and students of The Minster Centre may not stand for election as a Trustee, although we are reviewing arrangements with the Charity Commission to see how we can make greater staff and student representation at the Board possible in future.